Woke up around 7.30am to have breakfast at the hotel’s buffet spread, (which we will start to get tired of it in the next few days…)

After our hearty breakfast, we went back to our room to discuss exactly which attractions to visit today (as the weather is bad with dark clouds all over, so thinking more of indoor venues).

In the end, we decided to visit Junibacken (Moomin!!!), Vasa Museum, and Nordiska Museum.

Nordiska Museum in the background
Junibacken (Moomin exhibition at the moment!)
Harbor view at Galärvarvsvägen
Harbor view at Djurgårdsvägen

From our hotel, we walked about 7-10 minutes to Nybroplan to take a tram to Djurgårdsvägen, where the few attractions are located at.

When we alighted from the tram, we clearly saw Nordiska Museum in the near distance, but we decided to go for Junibacken first. So there we go to queue and show our Stockholm Card to enter at the counter.

BUT, we were told that there’s no more access to Junibacken by Stockholm Card, but only for Stockholm Pass. It will cost us 159 SEK per person to enter by normal ticket, so we decided not to…my Moomin… 😦

On we go towards Vasa Museum via the harbor route!

Vasa warship
Vasa warship (front)
Vasa warship has 64 guns in total
Vasa warship (back)
Vasa warship model (1:10 scale) in front of the original
The divers wore this suit when salvaging the Vasa parts
Map in 1628
Meatballs and potatoes for lunch

Vasa Museum

I’m not a design or architectural person, but the first thing I feel when I stepped in the museum is a huge industrial minimalist feeling design. (which is great!)

The main attraction of course is the original Vasa warship which has been restored, by the divers salvaging her parts from the ocean.

Whereas the side attractions will be the history of Vasa and the empire back that era, and also the restoration process of the Vasa.

Rating: 3/5
Admission Fee: 130 SEK or use the Stockholm Card (correct as of July 2015)

It is an enjoyable visit, very huge space and cool indoor temperature. I believe people that like maritime history will enjoy it much more than me. Plus they also have a nice cafe overseeing the harbor view, which we ate there for lunch.

I think it was 120 SEK for the meatballs and potatoes set lunch, which included self-service salad bar, breads, and still water. The food was decent, but the value is really high for eating at such a touristy spot.

Partner enjoying the outdoor breeze after lunch



Did some portrait shots of my partner while on-route to Nordiska Museum, as she really loves nature scenery.

Nordiska Museum
Portraits at the main entrance
Inner hallway
Oak statue of King Gustav Vasa
Detailed view of the emblem


Art installation
Table settings over the eras
Table settings over the eras
The shapes of men and women
Partner in the children’s playroom / Resting at a bench
Shot of the city from the top floor

Nordiska Museum


Sweden’s largest museum of cultural history

Nordiska museet has exhibitions about life and work, trends and traditions, in Sweden from the 16th century to today. Our collections include clothes and fashion, textiles, furniture and interiors, jewellery, photography, folk art, glass and china. The Museum was founded in 1873 by Artur Hazelius. Welcome!

First impression of Nordiska Museum, a grand setting from the outside to the main inner hallway.

When you first enter the museum, you will be greeted by the monumental oak statue of King Gustav Vasa.

I didn’t take much photos due to low light and there are simply TOO MUCH to see (and take photo of), there are four levels of different exhibitions on Swedish traditions, homes and interiors, table settings, fashion, jewellery, and folk art over the different eras.

Me and my partner mostly just take a quick read and glance through most of the exhibitions, and only stayed for more for those that we have more interest in, even by this we spent over 3 hours here. I believe you can easily spend the whole day here to go through the exhibitions fully, I feel this is a great way to discover Swedish cultural history through Nordiska Museum.

Rating: 3.5/5
Admission Fee: 100 SEK or use the Stockholm Card (correct as of July 2015)

Garden outside Rosendals Wärdshus


God Damn Tree / Those wood logs looked like Moomins?
No idea what that means
Portrait shots at the Rosendals Trädgård cafe and garden


Open garden orchard
The bird whisperer
Partner resting on the grass



A Miniature Schnauzer dog at Rosendals Wärdshus garden

Since it’s only around 5pm after visiting the Nordiska Museum, we still have lots of time to explore Royal Djurgården Park since Stockholm’s summer sunset comes around 10.30-11pm.

So we took the tram outside of Nordiska Museum to the last stop of the line, and walked into the Royal Djurgården Park. We wanted to visit the Rosendal Palace since it’s in the vicinity, as we venture around the park trying to find the palace, we saw horses, ponies, and pigs too.

Then we reached a junction of either moving forward or climbing a few flights of stairs on our left. So we took the stairs option, and when we reached the top, it was Rosendals Wärdshus, which is a restaurant with indoor and outdoor seating, and a mini garden outside it. (we took some portrait photos at the garden)

After that we continued our journey to the find the palace, but we realized it was closed already since the last compulsory guided tour starts at 3pm (after googling for more info/map).

So we decided to venture the park again, our meaning of venture means randomly walk in a direction that we never went before haha!

After walking for a few minutes, we found Rosendals Trädgård, which is a cafe/bakery/plant shop/garden. The cafe/bakery is built like a greenhouse style, but they do have indoor/outdoor options. Also found out after googling for more info about this place, the cafe uses only organic produce, and if in season they also use fresh vegetables from their own garden. Plus they used wood-fire stoned oven for their bakery! (kind of sad that didn’t have the chance to eat there as it was closed by the time we reached there.)

But apart of the cafe/bakery, the most awesome thing there is the super huge open garden, segregated by a few areas. One is near the cafe and greenhouse, as you can see in one of the portrait photos. The other one would be the main area, open garden orchard, with hundreds of apple trees, simply perfect for people to picnic on the grass.

This is really an awesome place to spend time relaxing alone or a great place with your family/friends/loved ones. (There’s also a playground near there too for the kids and young at heart!)

I know this is not really an attraction per se, but still too good not to rate.

Rating: 3.5/5
Admission Fee: Free

After relaxing and playing around the garden for 1.5 hours, we decided to go back to the city for dinner.

We walked back to the tram stop via a different route (Rosendalsvägen), which provides a scenic river view with nice golden light.

Gallerian Hamngatan
X marks the spot
Nice golden light with blue skies
Drottninggatan (Queen Street)
Street busker
Urban Street Sveavägen
H&M HOME Drottninggatan
Stockholm City Theatre
BBQ Pork Ribs

We took the tram to the end of the line at Hamngatan, and we decided to try out La Neta (Mexican street food) for dinner, as it has pretty good ratings and we are tired of standard western food.

So we followed our GPS that guided us to walk via Hamngatan and Drottninggatan to reach La Neta, on our way there we managed to pass by and see all the major shopping areas too.

Sadly for us, that La Neta branch was closed that day, and we are pretty hungry at that point (around 8pm), so we backtracked a bit to a western restaurant we passed by just now.

The food was average at best, but too hungry (and tired) to find better food at that time.

End of day 2.

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