Anyone who has been shopping at Platinum or Pratunam area in Bangkok will probably know or ate before at this Chicken Rice stall. (Or their rivals stall clad in pink shirts)

Kuang Heng
Kuang Heng Chicken Rice
Kuang Heng
Their logo
Kuang Heng
The chicken rice and their special sauce
Kuang Heng
Cha Yen (Thai Iced Milk Tea)

The rice is fragrant and chicken is tender, but the star of the dish is their special sauce. It’s spicy and salty, which is really different than the standard chicken rice sauce in Singapore.

The rice is standard portion, but the meat is lesser than average.
I think for guys can easily down 1.5-2 plates and with a drink to go.

Chicken rice – 40 baht ($1.6 SGD)
Cha Yen – 25 baht ($1 SGD)

But on the overall it’s just an average chicken rice with an unique sauce, so do adjust your expectations accordingly. Price is average for standard Bangkok street stalls.

This is a place that I usually will go eat before or after shopping at Platinum/Pratunam, as you definitely need all the energy for the shopping (or accompany the ladies with their shopping…)

Rating: 3/5
Value: 4/5

(Last dined in September 2015)

Kuang Heng Chicken Rice
930 Phetchaburi Road
Bangkok 10400
Contact: 02-251-8768
Facebook: Kuang Heng