A very popular cafe for students and young adults, for both their food and location, because they have quite a few branches right in downtown Bangkok!

They are famous for their Shibuya Honey Toast, which we always ordered over there!

After You
After You (Siam Square One)
After You
Shibuya Honey Toast (changed one of the ice cream to Matcha)

Shibuya Honey Toast – 155 / 175 baht ($6.2 / 7 SGD)

First thing most Asian or HK person will think of is the signature HK toast with condensed milk and butter at any Cha Chaan Teng (茶餐廳). But this is a fusion take with western style; toast with ice cream, whipped cream, and their own inhouse honey!

I can only say, it’s simply delicious!

The honey with the toast and ice cream, the flavors when you eat altogether, it’s simply bliss and you can’t stop eating!

Rating: 4/5

After You
Ferrero Toast

Ferrero Toast – 195 / 245 baht ($7.8 / 9.8 SGD)

Toast is same across the Shibuya Honey Toast series, Ferrero Toast is using Vanilla ice cream and chocolate toppings with a Ferrero Chocolate on top of the toast.

I think it’s a bit too sweet with the honey and chocolate on the overall, still prefer the standard Shibuya Honey Toast or Matcha Toast, which compliments the honey better. (Personal preferences)

Rating: 3.5/5

After You
Strawberry Crumble

Strawberry Crumble – 145 baht ($5.8 SGD)

On first look it look nice, but the taste wasn’t. The crust was pretty soft, and lack the crunch for the outer crust which a crumble usually have. Overall it just wasn’t good, even my partner don’t really like it, when she’s one who loves anything sweet or dessert/cake.

Rating: 2/5

After You
Earl Grey Squash Jelly Tea

Earl Grey Squash Jelly Tea – 95 baht ($3.8 SGD)

Refreshing drink after all the sweetness from the Shibuya Honey Toast (and spamming of honey on it), the drink is decent and the jelly do feels a bit like the jelly we have inside of the local dessert called Ice Jelly (Ai Yu).

Rating: 3/5

After You
Counter area
After You
Merchandise area
After You
After You
Baked cookies
After You
Baked cookies
After You
Baked cookies with Santa!

I ate at 2 branches of After You, the most popular and easily located at is the one at Siam Square One, and the other which is located at a quieter and chill place at Thong Lor, just opposite street of Roast.

But they do have MANY branches throughout Bangkok, 3 branches right in downtown Bangkok, and a few others a bit off the city, you can find out the location of the branches on their website (link provided below).

Note: They do provide free flow drink (some kind of tea I think?) near the counter area for you to take.

Conclusion: I have not tried much of their other offerings yet, but based on this few that I have tried. The safe bet is to order Shibuya Honey Toast (and it’s different variations, toast is the same, just with either different ice cream flavors or different sauce/toppings).

Would definitely go back to After You to try more stuffs in future, and hope the Strawberry Crumble is the only dud in their menu. But to me this is not a die-die must visit place, but more of a I will go if I’m around the area after lunch/dinner. (But due to the branches’ very accessible locations, it’s easily I will be around the vicinity…)

At the moment, I can only say just try the Shibuya Honey Toast and you will be safe and satisfied, any other dishes will be on your own risk. 😛
Overall rating: 3.5/5

(Last dined in September 2016)

After You
Siam Square One Level 1 (access from street area)
254 Phayathai Road
Bangkok 10330
Opening Hours: Daily 11:00am – midnight
Contact: 02 115 1949
Website: After You