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Stockholm, Sweden Day 2 [2015-07-19]

Woke up around 7.30am to haveĀ breakfast at the hotel’s buffet spread, (which we will start to get tired of it in the next few days…)

After our hearty breakfast, we went back to our room to discuss exactly which attractions to visit today (as the weather is bad with dark clouds all over, so thinking more of indoor venues).

In the end, we decided to visitĀ Junibacken (Moomin!!!), Vasa Museum, and Nordiska Museum.

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Stockholm, Sweden Day 1 [2015-07-18]

My first ever trip to Sweden and also my first to any European countries!

Reached our hotel around 8am after arriving from a red eye flight, unfortunately the hotel is booked out, so we can’t check in earlier. We had to wait till 12nn-1pm to do so as told by the reception.

So we left our main luggage at the hotel storage room, and decided to walk around the streets a bit to kill the time.

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