5☆ – Must go!!!
4☆ – Highly recommended – Try to squeeze some time for it if you can.
3☆ – Average – If you have time on hand.
2☆ – Below average – You can give it a pass, unless you have lots of spare time and cash, and don’t know where to spend it.
1☆ – Do not pass go – I hope I won’t ever have to chance to give such a rating in my life.


5☆ – Must eat!!!
4☆ – Highly recommended – Try it even if you have already busted your calories cap for the day!
3☆ – Average – If you love this type of food, or if you are around the area.
2☆ – Below average – Probably not, unless you a hardcore fan of this type of food, and want to try/review every place that does this.
1☆ – NO! I wasted my calories on it, and I’m saving you from doing so.